Interview: Migration stories

Hey, I did a craft interview! I spoke with Longreads editor Cheri Lucas Rowlands about immigration journalism, listening for the right story, and the power of slowness in reading, writing, and crafting narrative. Here’s a quote from the interview; click this link to read more.

So much of our conversation in this country around immigration revolves around policy, and politics, that it’s easy to forget that every single person migrating has a story. People are only abstract when seen from this very wide lens — and seeing people as trends or abstractions or representations of policy dehumanizes them. I wanted in this piece to really focus on one story, a close-up on the emotional impacts of family separation. It’s impossible to dehumanize someone or put them in a political box when you’re hearing about their wedding and all the giddiness of young love. 

Cover image: “Antique map 18” by Changhua Coast Conservation Action is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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