Podcast: Many Roads to Here

I’m on a new adventure: podcasting! I’ve been volunteering with The Immigrant Story for several years. Now, in collaboration with Portland Radio Project, we have created “Many Roads to Here,” a podcast that uses oral storytelling to give voice to refugee and immigrant experiences. I work with an amazing team to produce episodes, and I also host the show. Right now we’re finishing up our first season, and I love the variety of stories that we have so far.

You can listen to “Many Roads to Here” on Apple Podcasts. If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area, you can listen to us broadcast on the real, old-fashioned radio once a month, with Portland Radio Project! It’s a thrill to hear your own voice on the radio, I have to say.

To give you a preview, here’s an audiogram we created for social media for one of our recent episodes:

Please give us a listen and rate us (highly) on Apple Podcasts!

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