Recent Columns: koans, health, & diversity in American Buddhism

I’m approaching my second year (wow!) as a monthly columnist for Buddhistdoor Global.  I write on women in Buddhism, and in honor of the anniversary, I thought I’d share a few of the recent articles.

I’ve interviewed Mushim Patricia Ikeda, who works with sangha groups (Buddhist communities) in the U.S. to increase their awareness of diversity and inclusion;

explored the stories and characters of ancient Zen koans that revolve around women, each introduced and reflected on by a prominent female teacher, in The Hidden Lamp;

and reviewed Mindfulness as Medicine by Sister Dang Nghiem, a doctor & nun in a Vietnamese Zen order who writes about the intersections of religious practice, medical intervention, and emotional trauma.

sister D

Sister Dang Nghiem

I invite you to read these remarkable women’s stories and enjoy.



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