COLUMN: Loving your Weeds – Peggy Rowe Ward

I’m now a monthly columnist with BuddhistDoor Global, a Buddhist magazine from Hong Kong.  My column focuses on women, from nuns to lay teachers, from issues of ordination and sexuality to teachings on love, awareness, and engagement with personal identity and the larger world.  I’m pleased to have my first column up online – Loving Your Weeds – an Interview with Peggy Rowe Ward.  Peggy is a lay teacher in the Zen lineage of Thich Nhat Hanh, and her body-centered co-teaching style makes her a unique woman in the tradition.  Enjoy the column, and look out for new profiles of women in Buddhism from around the world in coming months.

Know a Buddhist woman or issue for women in Buddhism I should cover?  Send me a note or a recommendation.  Thanks for your tips & ideas!

Peggy Rowe Ward copy.jpg

Peggy Rowe Ward, author of “Love’s Garden” and “Making Friends with Time” – photo by Polly Hommel



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