Workshop: Literary Journalism

This fall, I’m teaching a new workshop at the Attic Institute in Portland, Oregon.  “Literary Journalism” runs from October 19  to November 19 on Saturdays mornings.  This is a great chance to write about that amazing neighbor, the one whose story you’ve always wanted to tell; to craft a travel narrative; to put together a family history or chronology.  Use the techniques of fiction to write true stories, and learn to weave facts and information into your narrative.  Sign up now, and tell your friends!

Literary journalism aims to inform the reader without sacrificing craft. By taking cues from fiction, you can convey facts and experiences in a unique, engaging way. In this class, we’ll learn techniques that help us shape true stories. We’ll talk about techniques to develop characters and hone a story, conduct interviews, insert yourself into the plot, and use dialogue and scenes to structure a real-life narrative — skills every writer wants to master. We’ll also discuss how to pitch your work to news and literary outlets.  As well as working on your own pieces in progress, we’ll read some great literary journalism to help you write better. Cultural insights, travel, essays, and memoir are all welcome, and no formal journalism experience is required. Open to all writers.  Sign up here: Attic Institute.

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