Workshop: Travel Writing !

Have you always wanted to write about that amazing trip to Italy?  What about the time you and your partner took a last-minute road trip down the coast and spent the night in some old inn, forgotten among the pines?  Or maybe you’ve always wanted to describe your own street: the elms that tower over the intersection and the old house on the corner, and the guy who always stands there in a baseball cap at 7:35 a.m. sharp: how he is always humming the Cheers theme song; how he never carries an umbrella; how he nods, formally, when you pass on your way to work.

Well, you’re in luck.  This summer I’m teaching a travel writing course at the amazing Attic Institute in Portland, Oregon.  Spend five weeks learning to capture the nuance and detail of place.  Whether armchair travelers or a seasoned globe-trotters, we all use the same techniques to set our scene and take the reader on an adventure.  We’ll read some great travel writing together and work on our own scenes.

To inspire you, here’s a selection of some of the amazing places I’ve traveled to – and written about.  Don’t delay!  Sign up and spend Sunday mornings with me, sipping coffee, talking travel, reading and writing the world.

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